Are you ready to "Unhinge the Binge?"

If you're here, taking this course, it's because you are sick and tired of the binge-remorse-restrict feedback loop that has defined your relationship with food for so many years. You hear about this thing called intuitive eating or mindful eating and feel it's way out of your reach but know deep down this is the path you need to follow. You are exhausted from thinking about food all the time, worrying about overeating and definitely over the whole stress and emotional eating thing. You know emotional eating works short-term but leaves you angst-ridden and unhealthy in the long run. You're in this course because you're ready to "unhinge this binge" and start embracing a healthy relationship with food and your body.

What you will learn in this 12-week course will set you on a path of freedom and peace.

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How do I know? Because the program I've developed has been the very process that completely ended the pain, regret and anxiety I had about food, about my appetite, about eating and about my body image.

Despite dieting my whole life and my extensive career with weight loss, I was stymied time and again until I adopted the strategies and techniques I'm going to teach you in this course.

In the following 12 modules you will discover:

1. Mindful eating techniques and exercises to have you slow down and tune in before eating.

2. How to befriend your binge to learn more about it and ultimately kick it for good.

3. How to create a joyful and effective movement and exercise routine that makes you feel strong, healthy and empowered

4. How to stop bullying your body into weight loss and take a more kind, respectful and gentle approach

5. How to truly savor and enjoy every bite of food you decide to eat

6. Learn what truly drives your cravings and inability to stop bingeing and/or overeating and how to upend them, the gentle way.

7. How to become intimately aware of your bodily cues about when to eat and when to stop, naturally!

8. And learn basic macro nutrient information to learn which combinations of food truly make you feel full AND satisfied.

(For those who purchased the package with live coaching, you will also have live weekly access to a virtual classroom online coaching experience with me and other participants in the program.)

You'll be receiving a complete workbook, resource guide, handouts, exclusive interviews, homework assignments, cheat sheets and downloadable guided meditations to support you on this journey.

I'm ready to be your partner and guide in helping you completely overhaul your relationship with food, drop the behaviors around food that don't serve you and learn to love the body you are in yesterday, today and the rest of your life. Are you ready to "Unhinge the Binge?"

Let's go!

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