We are a group of women and men coming together to redefine our relationship with food, diet, and our bodies. To that end, I'd like us all to hold space for each other and participate with certain values and expectations which I outline below. It's important for us all to abide by these values so that each of us can get the very most out of this experience.

1. Confidentiality - We are going to be delving into some very personal topics and each of us is expected to respect one another's privacy in sharing and contributing. I personally promise to keep everything we discuss within the container of our online space together, not to be shared with anyone else.

2. Respect for differing opinions - We all have belief systems that we operate from. This group is about "unlearning" as much as it is about learning. To that end, let's all respect where each other is at and let the process of change come from within and not be externally based on pushing one's own agenda, dietary beliefs, or otherwise. Let's hold space for each other with compassion and respect at all times.

3. Accountability - I expect everyone to be 100% engaged during these ten weeks. Without that, sustainable change will be difficult to achieve. While we all have busy lives and competing forces pulling us in many directions, I'd like our space to be a sacred one where we all feel that everyone is participating and engaged in the process.

What you can expect from me:

I will be shepherding you through this process. I will bring 100% of myself to our lessons and will be available during the week to answer questions and provide support. As mentioned, I will respect your confidentiality and will always honor and respect your values and beliefs, in a non-judgmental way while gently introducing new concepts for you to process and integrate along the way.

This will be an amazing 10-weeks together and I cannot wait to start our journey!